How secure is cloud computing service?

With great technology a list of risks also comes. Similarly, after having a cloud setup services done for your business welcomes a few risks which can be avoided by following recommended tips given below in the same article.

Those, who are still not sure what Cloud Computing is, read this.

Cloud computing

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What is cloud computing?

Cloud Computing is a service which enables expansion and contraction of the space on the given personal cloud, as per the application’s need. It allows the user itself to manage it. So far, we have only heard of SaaS, but today we will learn about other services as well.

  1. Web Based Cloud Computing
  2. Infrastructure as a Service
  3. Software as a Service
  4. Platform as a Service
  5. Utility Service
  6. Managed Service
  7. Service Commerce

What are the security concerns?

People may bring up dozens of concerns but eventually they all point at the same direction, that is, breach of data, which might cause;

  1. Abusive use of the Information,
  2. Credential hacking,
  3. Misuse of the Account,
  4. Inappropriate use of API’s,
  5. Permanent Data Lost,
  6. System Slow Down due to Dos attack.

To avoid these risks, users must understand these following things;

  • You might get Cloud Support Services from your vendor but the user is responsible for the breach of its own data, credentials or etc. To avoid it, implement the encryption.
  • Write security based codes to avoid misuse of the APIs.
  • There are chances the data may be misused or deleted permanently by the insider itself which can cause a great damage the entire infrastructure.
  • In a cloud-based framework, you cannot trust anyone. Remember that. Take maximum benefit of the word user-authentication.
  • Manage data and files in a systematic stack from the beginning to avoid crawling.

Overall, users must be well aware of cloud server management basics before having one and are recommended to share data in the secured framework.

People do ask how much secure the cloud computing is. In the answer, Cloud Server Management Companies only say that their job is to incorporate the security, but the managing and sharing of the data is completely user’s responsibility.

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