A list of popular cloud computing services

A list of popular cloud computing services

The term cloud computing is now used in many places; especially in matters related to the Internet and website development. The easy way to explain “Cloud Computing” is a means to store and access data or programs over the Internet.

Popular cloud computing services

Cloud Server Management Company

You may have many terabytes of data on your hard drive, but this data cannot be accessed from the Internet. Cloud computing allows you to access your data online anytime and at any place as long as you have an Internet connection.

List of cloud computing services and their benefits:

 Cloud computing services and cloud support services are offered by a large number of service providers now. The businesses these days require the use of large volumes of data. Making use of cloud computing services makes this easier. Cloud server management is not an easy task; however there are many benefits of using Cloud computing services:

  • Amazon Web Services: Amazon offers several clouds based data services. Amazon can handle MySQL, Oracle and even SQL server instances. It does so with the help of the Amazon Relational Database (RDS).
  • Enterprise DB: Enterprise DB also offers a great number of services too. Their focus is more on the PostgreSQL database. In addition to this they also support database services with the Oracle database. This runs on from Amazon Web Services and HP. In addition to this it also supports binary replication and scheduled backups as well.
  • Google Cloud SQL: Google’s cloud database service consists two major products, namely Google Cloud SQL and Google Big Query. The first is described as being a MySQL like fully functional relational database while the other an analysis tool for running queries on a large database stored in the cloud.
  • Microsoft Azure: Microsoft provides a relational database service. This is backed by their SQL server technology, which allows the customers to access the SQL database on their cloud as well even hosted SQL server instances on virtual machines.

Cloud computing with Hostech Support

Hostech Support is a Cloud Server Management Company that offers several cloud server management solutions. They have a good infrastructure and the technical ability to live up the expectations of their customers.

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