Popular cloud computing services

The term Cloud Computing can be hard for some to understand. But it is essentially about storing data on the World Wide Web and being able to access that data or programs via the Internet from multiple devices.

Popular cloud computing services

Popular cloud computing services

It is important to note that cloud computing is not about using a dedicated network storage hardware or server. Neither does it include storing data on a home or office network.

Cloud computing web services

 Cloud computing is used in a wide range of fields; however communication and commerce are the popular ones.

  • Asana Collaboration: For any firm to succeed, it is essential that the employees work together and strive to accomplish their tasks. Asana is a cloud service that makes this possible. Furthermore Asana offers a free version that supports upto 15 team members.
  • Citrix Grasshopper: There was a time when Voice over IP (VoIP) was a technology that only the big firms had the luxury of using. Things have changed now and Citrix Grasshopper has a lot to do with it. This cloud service makes it possible to setup your own VoIP tool with features like basic phone features, calling, faxing, voicemail etc.
  • Click Meeting Video conferencing: Cloud services also extend to video conferencing. Although this is not a free service that is offered by Click Meeting, they do offer a 30 days free trial.
  • Shopify Ecommerce: Shopify is a eCommerce platform that is quite popular amongst the mobile users. The added advantages being that it does not require a great deal of skills to set it up.
  • Fresh Service Help Desk: When it comes to help desk software, Fresh Services has grown in popularity and is quite well known now. The software has been designed well with most of the features one would desire. It is one of the more popular software around and is used by several small businesses.

Cloud Server Management with Hostech Support

At Hostech we offer several cloud server solutions on various platforms like Openstack, Cloudtack, and Nimbusis to name a few.

You can directly reach us here +1-706-955-1822 or Email us sales@hostechsupport.com


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