Cloud computing

The Basics of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a broad term that can be summed up simply as the delivery of hosted services over the Internet. In a way it is paying for the use of computing services that are provided over the Internet.

Cloud computing services can be private, public or hybrid. Besides which these services can be availed for just about any level of workload. This way you pay less when the business is set as a small scale business. It is easy to scale up your business by simply availing more resources and paying for them. At the same time it is also possible to scale down with the unique pay per use feature that cloud computing offers.

Main features of Private Cloud computing

  • Can make use of a large number of resources as per the requirement of your firm.
  • It is possible make available useful information via cloud computing.
  • Availability of resources is thus no longer a cause for emergency.
  • One of the other main features is multiple cloud computing and being able to scale the resource to offer large scale solutions in quick time.
  • Cloud computing offers self-service cloud computing features which are all on-demand services.
  • The pricing of cloud services is often affordable since you pay for only how much you use.
  • When it comes to cloud computing, the quality of services also high.
  • The other cloud computing features that make it so appealing include brand network access, resource pooling, and measurable services.

Cloud computing services

HostTech offers top quality cloud computing services. Our IT Professionals are highly trained and work round the clock to make sure our services live up their expectations.

Here is a list of some of the services we provide:

  • Pool Capacity Planning
  • VM Process Cycle Management
  • Automated VM protection and recovery.
  • Virtual Network management.

You can directly reach us hereĀ +1-706-955-1822 or Email usĀ


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