How secure is cloud computing service?

With great technology a list of risks also comes. Similarly, after having a cloud setup services done for your business welcomes a few risks which can be avoided by following recommended tips given below in the same article.

Those, who are still not sure what Cloud Computing is, read this.

Cloud computing

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What is cloud computing?

Cloud Computing is a service which enables expansion and contraction of the space on the given personal cloud, as per the application’s need. It allows the user itself to manage it. So far, we have only heard of SaaS, but today we will learn about other services as well.

  1. Web Based Cloud Computing
  2. Infrastructure as a Service
  3. Software as a Service
  4. Platform as a Service
  5. Utility Service
  6. Managed Service
  7. Service Commerce

What are the security concerns?

People may bring up dozens of concerns but eventually they all point at the same direction, that is, breach of data, which might cause;

  1. Abusive use of the Information,
  2. Credential hacking,
  3. Misuse of the Account,
  4. Inappropriate use of API’s,
  5. Permanent Data Lost,
  6. System Slow Down due to Dos attack.

To avoid these risks, users must understand these following things;

  • You might get Cloud Support Services from your vendor but the user is responsible for the breach of its own data, credentials or etc. To avoid it, implement the encryption.
  • Write security based codes to avoid misuse of the APIs.
  • There are chances the data may be misused or deleted permanently by the insider itself which can cause a great damage the entire infrastructure.
  • In a cloud-based framework, you cannot trust anyone. Remember that. Take maximum benefit of the word user-authentication.
  • Manage data and files in a systematic stack from the beginning to avoid crawling.

Overall, users must be well aware of cloud server management basics before having one and are recommended to share data in the secured framework.

People do ask how much secure the cloud computing is. In the answer, Cloud Server Management Companies only say that their job is to incorporate the security, but the managing and sharing of the data is completely user’s responsibility.

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What is a Private Cloud server Management?

What is a Private Cloud server Management?

A cloud has the ability to provide services within virtualization environments that utilizes the resources available on physical computing resources. These environments provide are available for many clients to use. A private cloud allows the client to avail such services and at the same time being distinct and secure and exclusively available to a single client. The main advantage being that the resources are not shared but instead are at the disposal of a single organization, thus resulting in greater control and privacy.

Cloud computing

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Benefits of a Private Cloud

Higher Security and Privacy: With a public cloud service it is possible to implement a certain level of security, however with a private cloud service; there is a increased level of security. It is also possible to attain distinct pools of resources and make sure the security and integrity of firewall is maintained. This ensures it prevents unwanted access.

  • Efficiency: A private cloud is beneficial when it comes to conserving resources. Not only is it cost effective, but it is also highly efficient. It helps reduce the carbon footprint of the organization.
  • Control: A private cloud is available only to a single organization and hence a greater level of control is possible in this case.
  • Reliability: Being a private cloud the reliability is greatly increased. The network on the whole is more resilient to the problem that can arise.

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A list of popular cloud computing services

A list of popular cloud computing services

The term cloud computing is now used in many places; especially in matters related to the Internet and website development. The easy way to explain “Cloud Computing” is a means to store and access data or programs over the Internet.

Popular cloud computing services

Cloud Server Management Company

You may have many terabytes of data on your hard drive, but this data cannot be accessed from the Internet. Cloud computing allows you to access your data online anytime and at any place as long as you have an Internet connection.

List of cloud computing services and their benefits:

 Cloud computing services and cloud support services are offered by a large number of service providers now. The businesses these days require the use of large volumes of data. Making use of cloud computing services makes this easier. Cloud server management is not an easy task; however there are many benefits of using Cloud computing services:

  • Amazon Web Services: Amazon offers several clouds based data services. Amazon can handle MySQL, Oracle and even SQL server instances. It does so with the help of the Amazon Relational Database (RDS).
  • Enterprise DB: Enterprise DB also offers a great number of services too. Their focus is more on the PostgreSQL database. In addition to this they also support database services with the Oracle database. This runs on from Amazon Web Services and HP. In addition to this it also supports binary replication and scheduled backups as well.
  • Google Cloud SQL: Google’s cloud database service consists two major products, namely Google Cloud SQL and Google Big Query. The first is described as being a MySQL like fully functional relational database while the other an analysis tool for running queries on a large database stored in the cloud.
  • Microsoft Azure: Microsoft provides a relational database service. This is backed by their SQL server technology, which allows the customers to access the SQL database on their cloud as well even hosted SQL server instances on virtual machines.

Cloud computing with Hostech Support

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Popular cloud computing services

The term Cloud Computing can be hard for some to understand. But it is essentially about storing data on the World Wide Web and being able to access that data or programs via the Internet from multiple devices.

Popular cloud computing services

Popular cloud computing services

It is important to note that cloud computing is not about using a dedicated network storage hardware or server. Neither does it include storing data on a home or office network.

Cloud computing web services

 Cloud computing is used in a wide range of fields; however communication and commerce are the popular ones.

  • Asana Collaboration: For any firm to succeed, it is essential that the employees work together and strive to accomplish their tasks. Asana is a cloud service that makes this possible. Furthermore Asana offers a free version that supports upto 15 team members.
  • Citrix Grasshopper: There was a time when Voice over IP (VoIP) was a technology that only the big firms had the luxury of using. Things have changed now and Citrix Grasshopper has a lot to do with it. This cloud service makes it possible to setup your own VoIP tool with features like basic phone features, calling, faxing, voicemail etc.
  • Click Meeting Video conferencing: Cloud services also extend to video conferencing. Although this is not a free service that is offered by Click Meeting, they do offer a 30 days free trial.
  • Shopify Ecommerce: Shopify is a eCommerce platform that is quite popular amongst the mobile users. The added advantages being that it does not require a great deal of skills to set it up.
  • Fresh Service Help Desk: When it comes to help desk software, Fresh Services has grown in popularity and is quite well known now. The software has been designed well with most of the features one would desire. It is one of the more popular software around and is used by several small businesses.

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Cloud computing

The Basics of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a broad term that can be summed up simply as the delivery of hosted services over the Internet. In a way it is paying for the use of computing services that are provided over the Internet.

Cloud computing services can be private, public or hybrid. Besides which these services can be availed for just about any level of workload. This way you pay less when the business is set as a small scale business. It is easy to scale up your business by simply availing more resources and paying for them. At the same time it is also possible to scale down with the unique pay per use feature that cloud computing offers.

Main features of Private Cloud computing

  • Can make use of a large number of resources as per the requirement of your firm.
  • It is possible make available useful information via cloud computing.
  • Availability of resources is thus no longer a cause for emergency.
  • One of the other main features is multiple cloud computing and being able to scale the resource to offer large scale solutions in quick time.
  • Cloud computing offers self-service cloud computing features which are all on-demand services.
  • The pricing of cloud services is often affordable since you pay for only how much you use.
  • When it comes to cloud computing, the quality of services also high.
  • The other cloud computing features that make it so appealing include brand network access, resource pooling, and measurable services.

Cloud computing services

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Here is a list of some of the services we provide:

  • Pool Capacity Planning
  • VM Process Cycle Management
  • Automated VM protection and recovery.
  • Virtual Network management.

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